Trough the Eyes of #1

Marko Mestrovic / 2018 / Styria

“Shooting underwater has always got some weird hidden potential. Sometimes when I’m down there I see images that look like scenes from fantasy films.” Marko shoots cows just like he shoots models, with a lot of attention to detail and a feel for aesthetics. He started out photography shooting a lot of reportage work, but turned into editorial and commercial photography quickly. His work now is a combination of all of the three. He recently started shooting underwater and found a new passion taking him deep under.

Marko Mestrovic

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What we do is rooted in a love for life at the sea. Raised on the blue calm of the Adriatic sea, the steep coastlines of the Atlantic and the crisp waters of Austrian lakes. Grown with a down-to-earth version of dolce vita. This is what Poleit is made of.

Designed in Austria, made in Europe, Poleit channels our love for a slow lifestyle in the great outdoors. Where enjoyment reigns, no matter where you find it. Our classic swimwear blends effortless tailoring, uncompromising quality with a healthy dose of sprezzatura. Relaxation comes easy with the airy feel of quick-drying fabrics and technical finishing for free movement - in and out of the water.

Sharp style, essential cuts, and thoughtful prints are refreshed with easy-going elegance in our staple pieces ranging from swimwear to tops. Accessories bring childhood memories back with clever nods to precious nostalgia for travels past and the ones to come.

Comfortably Lost.

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